Fergal Sharkey produces songs for Gerry. The backing tracks were later used to perform live . Billy drummed.


Gerry Mc Candless supported the The Undertones in The Union Hall, Derry as a solo act using backing tracks.


 (approx.) Gerry plays synth on a few Undertones demos .


(approx.) Gerry and Jackie record a few songs in the Undertones studio Derry. The went to London to see if there was any interest - there wasn't .


Austin's band Double Trouble asked to record an album with Henry Mc Cullagh (X Wings)


The Moondogs play a 10th anniversary gig in the Gweedore bar, Derry . Rosa camcorded it .It sounds and looks great .


(approx.)Jackie and Gerry are Interviewed by Terry Hooley for his TV series Rockin the North.


The Good Vibrations story released on CD. The Moondogs song She's 19 is on it . At the moment itís the only Moondogs song available on CD.


(approx.) Jackie meets Paul McCartney (The Beatles) at a TV show in London . He has a pint with him and gets his autograph . Paul remembers the Moondogs (Fame at last).


(approx.) The Moondogs play with the Sawdoctors in the Kings Head, Galway. Mickey and Billy play too. It went very well and the band was supposed to play the next day at a open air concert but they chickened out - quit while they were ahead!


The Moondogs feature in Q magazine. - Hip and trendy only 18 years too late!

 These are the dates I remember , we also played Slane Castle 1980/81, I think we may have supported Elvis Costello - it's all a blur now. The Irish tour with the Undertones also included Sligo , Arboe, Limerick, Galway etc .The Moondogs also made two appearances on the TV show GET IT TOGETHER circa 1980/81. We also played regularly in Omagh,Strabane and the Rocking Chair bar in Derry. We were filmed by a German TV crew in the Rocker, but I'm unsure if it was ever shown. The band played in Dublin a good few times - once with a two piece brass section. One other interesting thing was in 1979/80 we recorded a single with Jim O'Neill (brother of Dee and John). It was his song and he sang , we supplied the backing.


(approx.) Jackie meets George Martin at a TV show in Belfast . He gets him and to autograph his copy of Sergeant Pepper. (Some guys have all the luck!)